Get the basics right and you don’t have to worry too much about what happens next. That seems to be the adage with which Jash approached his latest single. Better known for a more upbeat style of dance-pop, Us Together sees him drift into more minimalist waters, splicing slow, R&B grooves with a classic piano ballad sound. But, of course, the art of working with such slow burning sounds is being brave enough to use space and to understand that there is much musical power to be had from exploring the gaps between the notes, the lingering atmospherics between the words.

Us Together proves that Jash has a great understanding of the “less is more” principle, that he is smart enough to know just which fleeting cascade of notes to use and where to let the sounds fade out. He knows just how long to leave between the beats for maximum effect and he knows that there is something beguiling about the ability to say a lot with only a few lyrics.

And if the attention to detail is spot on, so is the ethic behind the music. Having spent time touring schools, talking about issues such as cyber-bullying and donating the profits from pervious single Now You’re Gone to the victims of the Manchester Terror Attacks, this song sees more good works being done. This time all sales will go to the Abandoned and Alone Dog Rescue charity, hence the cover, again showing that this is an artist with his heart very much in the right place.

Good deeds and great music going hand in hand. It’s just what the world needs right now.

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