Hip-hop, and all it spawned, has come a long way, and that is as it should be; all scenes and genres need to move with the times. D Skrilla sits at the cutting edge of that perpetual journey, propelled by the traditions of the past and poised, ready to help write the next chapter in the story of underground, urban music.

And as such, Up Next is the perfect blend of what has gone before and what is, quite literally, up next. Skittering modern trap beats and of-the-moment, booming bass pulses drive things along but the lyrical dexterity is a sound that spirals back through the ages to those early hip-hop pioneers.

Money Plays broods and bustles, beats tick like a timebomb, the vibe is intense and D Skrilla drops incendiary lyrics effortlessly, Get Ya Feet Wet is sparsely adorned, just enough sonics to frame the lyrical salvo which is the heart of the track and Make It Back is raw and rebellious.

What’s Up is a set of songs by an artist who knows where his chosen music comes from but much more interesting is where he is taking it.

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