Up & Away – Goji – 360 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Imagine the spirit of early pop-punk being recreated in the mind of a techno-kid. Who’s had too much coffee. Or the sound track to a drive by skateboard prank steaming through a rave club dance floor after 72 hours with no sleep and just chemicals coursing through their veins. If you can even begin to imagine either of those things you probably need locking up for your own safety. Or you are already a fan of Goji – 360. Perhaps both.

Upside Down takes the belligerent attitude of pop-punk but in the gap between the surly, snarling vocals and the programmed back beats fills its centre ground with skittering electronica, squalling synths and squidgy sonics. And this is the template for the album, for most part. It might get pushed to a speed-fuelled extreme on tracks like Fuck U, turned into staccato punk-raps on That’s My Girlfriend’s Kind of Car (which has to be the most perfect pop-punk song title ever) and chilled out slightly on Chancer but for the most part the musical mission it is pretty consistent to its opening sonic statement of intent.

More extraordinary than the music is the fact that, as far as I’m aware, no-one has really explored such territory before, taken an essentially low-slung, guitar driven, punk experience and rendered it into what is essentially high-octane dance music, yet without losing the energy, spirit or swagger of the original. How cool is that?

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