Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels) The Owl-Eyes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

owl eyes 4-04.jpgI Could Careless was a great low-slung rocker of a song but for me this is the more interesting of The Owl-Eyes output to have crossed my path. This time out the riffs are slinkier, the groove more sultry, swaggering and confident, the whole thing slightly more spacious which somehow makes the component parts that much more effective, more powerful, in the same way that you need plenty of room to effectively swing a hammer I guess.

And again our man Ethan Teel has a point to make. Whilst most people working in the same rock oeuvre are happy to self-aggrandise, to brag about their life, to focus on the irrelevant trappings of the world around us, vacuous and serving only their own ego, Teel would rather comment on society, talk politics with a small p and Unknown Sin and its obvious references point is a perfectly times, perfectly delivered rock song for the moment.

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