I have been posting some of my favourite videos to Facebook for a while now, mainly consigning myself to bands that I always felt were slightly overlooked. Usually, such bands are ignored because they don’t match the mainstream tastes of the time but isn’t that precisely what you need to keep the music moving forward? The exceptions that prove the rules, the evolutionary mutations that strengthen the gene pool?

Then I thought, why don’t I post such music on DAA and talk about my connection with the band? So here we are.

The Go-Betweens were one of those bands that I was always aware of but never really indulged in back in the day—shame on me. I was sent their excellent video, Right Here, to review some years ago, and it ignited a love of their music, and I hastily gobbled up their back catalogue.

I also recently found Robert Forster’s book, The Ten Rules of Rock and Roll, a collection of articles and musings that he contributed to the Australian magazine The Monthly. As expected, an excellent read, a more eloquent and informed writer you couldn’t hope to read.

There are many tracks by The Go-Betweens that I could have chosen, but I have gone for one of the more obvious choices as, even in my earlier state of ignorance regarding the band, I always knew that this was a killer tune. It still is…

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