1604974_10205493575525344_2950299431195506125_nProwling centre stage armed with a microphone, raybans and Brit-pop service issue Parka, at the eye of the storm that is The Racket, it is easy to lose sight of just how accomplished a songwriter Plummie Racket is. The band may be the perfect vehicle to deliver a certain brand of brash, punked up, indie street anthems but solo gigs have shown that there is more thought and understanding of the craft to be found buried underneath that particular musical force of nature.


Two Years Ago is the teaser release from a forthcoming e.p. and is the perfect link between the two worlds. It’s a lyrical stream of consciousness rapped out using the same language as The Racket, a nostalgic catalogue of people and places, sounds and sights that have come and gone so quickly, but musically it takes a slight side step from what you would expect from the full band experience. It may end in the same raging overdrive that you would expect but the slow burning build to get there and the gradual overlaying of sounds show an eye for detail that is often lost in the live experience.


I still maintain that The Racket are a band that could breakthrough to bigger things at any moment, but on the strength of this song, it may just be the solo work that paves the way for that.

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