Two Things –  Cloud Daddy and the Kingston Big Smokes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

33059611_209580179770974_7350744597623996416_nIt isn’t often that a record confounds me, but Two Things is a strange track to get my head around. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing, after all who wants to be writing about yet another bunch of charisma free guitar slingers trying to be the next Foo Fighters? And why would you want that anyway? But I digress. Cloud Daddy and the Kingston Big Smokes make fascinating music and Two Things is a strange blend of wistful dream-pop, glitchy electronica, spoken word and cannabis infused ambience.

It meanders along on a chilled beat and a blissed out philosophy. This is music made by stoners for stoners, the sound track to the simple things in life, the warm glow of love and a righteous buzz. It comes as a double track release accompanied by Elizabeth, an even more scratchy and warped take on their brand of ambient stoner pop. Both tracks are as brilliant in their originality and non-conformity as they are in their strange in their beguiling addictiveness. If ever there was a hippy music revival you can forget all those nostalgic notions of folk singers and psychedelic wig-outs, Cloud Daddy and the Kington Big Smokes is exactly the musical heart that such a movement would beat with today. Make love not wardrobes…or something. 

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