Twist The Lens – Pedaljets (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

There is something immediately likeable about Kansas City rockers Pedaljets, there is a directness and punch that accompanies their music, and once heard, it’s difficult to ignore.

On first listen you’re transported to another time, to another decade in another city where CBGB’s was the go-to place and bands like The Ramones, The Stooges, Blondie and Talking Heads were pumping out sweat-drenched music to energise the streets. You can add Pedaljets to that illustrious list because they clearly graduated from that same school.

The music from the mid to late seventies has influenced dozens of bands and still finds an audience today, the reason why is simple; it’s good music that holds up among the reality show wannabes that have no stage experience or have spent time honing their craft, playing music by bands over and over and trying to figure out chords. I don’t want to get into a debate about what music has the most ‘value’ but I know what I would rather see live.

Bands like Talking Heads have come and gone, the music shifted and adapted and it must have been annoying seeing bands like Television and The Strokes come and go while Pedaljets were essentially playing the same sort of stuff only to be left on the peripheral like the geeky girl at the senior prom, but with stand out songs like ‘Down Town’, ‘One Away’, ‘Twist The Lens’ and ‘The Fader’ it’s difficult to understand how they haven’t found a huge following.

The recipe is a familiar one, filthy guitar, Paul Simonon-style bass, aggressive drums and a slacker-vocal that teeters on just the right side of Iggy Pop cool. It’s a strong recipe and the final product are songs that can be put on repeat.

‘Twist The Lens’ is a fine album, an early contender for the pick of 2020 and deserves to sit alongside the other American punk rock albums from the 70’s.

If you think that is high praise or maybe you think I’m over-inflating them, why not go and grab a copy and decide for yourself….


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