Turn It Up (Dave Lombardo Mix) – Primitive Race (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The term alternative rock has been with us for quite a while now. So long that, like most genres which survive long enough to hit maturity, it has settled into tried and tested routines. Ironically, considering its chosen moniker, it has unintentionally become the mainstream that younger artists use as the yardstick to measure their alternative credentials against. It’s just the cyclical nature of music I guess.

But at least some artists still understand what it means to be the oddballs, the outsiders, the sonic chancers, the musical weirdos…and given those names who form the social circle of main man Chris Kniker (people called Mosley, Lombardo…etc) it seems only natural that Primitive Race revel in a sound which reminds us of why we needed to go down this route in the first place. 

Scuzzy and skittering, intense and claustrophobic, it delivers everything that was missing from classic rock and indie of the past, and arguably has been lost again as the alternative scene settled into its comfort zone.

Not only a reminder of where we have come from and perhaps what we have lost along the way but also a signpost showing where we should be going, if we really do want to keep things interesting and edgy. Let’s get things back off track…if you know what I mean.

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