Try (Cross My Heart) – Social Station (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Social Station_previewThere is an art to making music that is at once, dark, apocalyptic and edgy but also infectious, poppy and commercially viable. Joy Division knew how to do it but didn’t stick around long enough to capitalise on the concept, leaving bands like The Cure and Siouxsie and The Banshees to take the idea to its logical conclusion. Social Station know the secret too.

In its original form Try (Cross My Heart) is the perfect slice of all things mutually exclusive. It is dark but jaunty, earnest yet accessible, groovesome and still the antithesis of the modern pop sound. It is a song that confounds, yet does so beautifully.

The single comes accompanied by four more re-mixes which take it everywhere from the cold and clinical to a more retro-dancefloor style, and from the alien and industrial to the ambient and chilled, but it is in its original post-punking form which resonates the most with an ageing scribe such as myself.

It also asks us to pose the question,  for how much longer are we going stick with the term “post-punk” a journalistic moniker not only totally vague and meaning different things to different people but also thirty years behind the times. If there is enough music being made today that echoes those formative musical years, the least we can do is come up with a new name for it. Thoughts anyone?

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