Amid a swirl of strange and beguiling electronica and skittering trap-infused percussion, Truth comes at you like the cutting edge of the rap sound that it is. You can hear the echo of that pioneering spirit of early hip-hop artists and breakout rappers, but there is an underground vibe to this track, a darker vibe, a more honest intent as well as a refreshing modernity to it.

Joined here by Jaxx, the two of them trade deft and dexterous lyrical salvos, blend and bend the form, collide and complement their delivery styles with ease, and although it would be doing the song, and the artists, an injustice to describe this as a boy/girl duet, there is something in the different sonic space that their voices occupy which touches on such orchestrated territory.

And not content with merely delivering lyrics, they also prove to be experts at using their voices as instruments and a series of sing-song sounds, yelps and incidental vocal noise act as a bridge between the words and the music.

If you want to know where rap music is today, and more importantly, where it is going, this is exactly what you need to be listening to.




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