Scene and Heard – CCLXXIII : Tropical Marijuana – Marg (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

24296514_1242009072566634_8298985882911308066_n.jpgThe two words that form the title immediately suggest something smooth, hazy, dreamlike and perhaps sultry. That is exactly what Marg delivers with this slick indie-pop outing. Better known so far for You Tube covers of well-known current songs, one listen to Tropical marijuana and the listener rightly begs the question of why she hasn’t been releasing her own music all along.

Creativity is all about striving for the new, the different, the original and if the current fad of on-line fan building via acoustic covers is really only treading water in any constructive or evolutionary sense, this single is like swimming out into the warm waters of an oasis, the sun is setting, the breeze is cooling and the scent of exotic climes is on the wind. It is pop music heard through a dream filter, it is gentle and kaleidoscopic rather than the usual forced and bombastic fayre we are served these days. The icing on this already enticing slice of dream-pop cake is Marg’s soft and sensual vocal, the perfect blend of late night hush, confidence and control.

When people are done with the throw-away pap-pop chart fodder they have long been force fed, they will find this the perfect musical morsel for a late night snack.

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