If punk was anything, it was a brief blast of noise wrapped around an attitude embedded in a moment. And it was more than a life time ago. But that doesn’t mean that its sound isn’t still relevant, far from it, it just means that, like any useful weapon, you have to know how to weld it properly for it to be effective. Some people are smart enough to know how to upgrade that sound, make it move with the times, speak for this moment and use it to build a pathway to the future. Others seem stuck in the realms of nostalgia, hankering for a scene which hardly existed and which they themselves never experienced, wrapping themselves in the sonic and physical trappings of the past, bull-headed and blinkered gatekeepers of regression.

Thankfully Healthy Junkies fall into the former category, torch bearers running into future possibilities whilst fusing that punk energy and anarchic spirit with a trash pop swagger and low-slung, gutter rock ’n’roll gusto. And they capture something more of the late 70’s Bowery scene than any of the  art school pretension that fuelled London at that time. Tricky Situation is that vibe taken to the max, squared, heightened, roughed up set on fire and served with a side helping of “fuck you.” It’s business as usual really.

It grooves like a bastard, its infectious charms beckon you into a bovver-booted boogie, require you punch the air, shout from the roof tops, spill your pint, bounce off the walls and general act like a complete idiot for just over two and half minutes. Imagine how much more fun this sound track would be in a no holds barred venue situation and not stuck in your flat with the neighbours banging on the walls in complaint. Someday soon… fingers crossed.

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