One of Scotland’s finest songwriters – John Douglas of Trashcan Sinatras fame – presents his debut solo album, released via Scotland’s Reveal Records, along with a self-filmed nostalgic video for the album’s opening track ‘Lost’.

This record presents an intimate snapshot of the talent, charisma and depth of this celebrated Scottish indie songsmith – the start of a new chapter in Douglas’ creative life as he simultaneously looks back at a lifetime of musical adventures and accolades and moves forwards.

The album ‘John Douglas’ features new recordings of some of John’s favourite Trashcan Sinatras material, alongside new songs he has written and his own rendition of the Prefab Sprout classic ‘We Let The Stars Go’.

The eleven songs on this record were performed solo, recorded live at Kyoti Studio in Glasgow (with no overdubs) by producer Mark Freegard (New Model Army, Lush, The Breeders, Del Amitri, Marillion), who also mixed and mastered the album.

“I’ve often been encouraged by friends over the years to make a solo album, but the timing or inclination didn’t flow. Last year – out of nowhere – everything suddenly felt right and the process was quick and natural. Mark just set the mics up and I played my songs. No other musicians or overdubs. Me and my guitar. That way, I became the songs and they became me. The finished record, though varied in song styles, has a mood to it… it’s warm, thoughtful and quiet.. as I generally aspire to be,” says John Douglas.

About this latest focus track ‘Lost’, he notes, “Hard to be precise about this lyric. It all came to me in one go. Could be about getting lost in the past… letting it take over… I have felt disoriented when I’ve found myself dwelling on the past too much. RD Laing once said “Why let yesterday affect today ?” I know life can be more complex than that phrase allows, but it’s not a bad thought to mull over.”

Hailing from Irvine on Scotland’s west coast, John has a rich history, making music with Trashcan Sinatras for over thirty years. Apart from his role as a songwriter (and guitarist) there, John has been playing live gigs across the UK and Ireland as part of his partner Eddi Reader’s band.

Lately, John Douglas has been performing solo sets at shows with musical friends, such as Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Jill Jackson and James Grant (Love & Money). Whilst visiting Irvine recently, John was invited to guest with Martin McAloon (Prefab Sprout), the two artists having first met in 1990 when the Trashcan Sinatras’ were touring with Prefab Sprout in support of their album ‘Jordan – The Comeback’.

As of October 6th, the ‘John Douglas’ album is available on CD, as well as digitally from a wide selection of fine music outlets, including Bandcamp, where supporters can download two exclusive bonus digital tracks (‘Last Orders’ and ‘The Drink’). To mark this release, John Douglas will be supporting the fabulous Withered Hand on their Scottish tour this October.

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