Things are getting tough for everyone and they are probably going to get a lot harder as the full affect of Covid-19 is realised. With artists cancelling tours and events being shelved due to limits on the size of gatherings, a lot of people in and around the music industry are going to take a real hit…and given the nature of the industry it is the grassroots, cottage industry types who will be hit hardest. And I’m writing this to remind you that beyond that more obvious vanguard of musicians and venues, there is a whole network of self-employed people who act as a support system in that network. I am one of those.

Although it is Dancing About Architecture and its reviews and promotions which is the most noticeable face of what I do, that is actually, largely, a labour of love shored up by an income from other sources. One of the most important of which is writing press and promotion for tours and events, promoting gigs and writing press releases. As the artists at the top suffer there is an obvious trickle down affect to people like me. I felt it after the Brexit referendum when European bands became less able or less interested in coming to the UK and I’m feeling it doubly so now.

Recently I have either done work for tours which have been cancelled and I feel it is unethical to chase the bands who have already lost a packet for work which they no longer need (we are all in this together after all) or I have seen regular sources of work dry up. Artists will probably spend many months trying to recoup their losses, not being able to pay for extensive tours or have the funds for the next release. Tours and releases which help me pay my bills.

So this is a bit of a plea, if ever I have reviewed your release, written free blurb, interviewed you, created your press pack, or generally helped your cause for free, just as a way of supporting good music, if ever you have found new music because of something I have written, or if you appreciate the work that this site does to promote music, you can help. Any donations to the running of the site are massively appreciated  and can be made via paypal to

If you like, think of it less helping someone out but more ensuring that this site carries on and is there for another decade, more hopefully, acting as a way of helping great, original music get noticed. And feel free to share this post if you know anyone who might appreciate what we do here at Dancing About Architecture.

And if you don’t want to donate here then drop some virtual coins in the hat of your favourite grassroots artist, buy their CDs, update your t-shirt collection and if a gig is on, go and support it.

The greatest of thanks in advance, think of each other, stay safe and stick together.

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