To Feel The Likes – David Schipper (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

No one likes a joke more than I do. We’ll maybe my brother, my neighbours, the postman and the local amateur dramatics society. Okay, most people like a joke more than I do but I have to say that this cool little parody from David Schipper was not only wonderfully mirthsome and well thought out, it is actually a lot more poignant as a piece of social commentary than it might first appear to be.

The source material, Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love, is that rarest of things, a song from His Bobness’ later canon of work that has become as famous as his earlier classics through the unlikely route of being covered by Adele and featuring on X Factor of all things. David Schipper takes it into very new territory, however. His re-lyriced version is a satire on social media and our adherence to it. To our use of memes as a means of shorthand punning, of its dubious reliability as a news source, of its use as a popularity barometer and all the other habits and reasons why we have become so stupidly addicted to it.

Like all good parodies it scans as easily as the original and it is only when you concentrate on the lyrics that you actually realise that it is a new, satirical wander through a familiar sound. Let’s hope Adele graces this timely update with her presence. Wouldn’t that be something?


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