Tingle Fingers  –  Olga Solar (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

None other than the dear departed Mark Hollis said that before you play two notes, you should  learn how to play one note, and that you shouldn’t play one note unless you’ve got a reason to play it. It’s a quote that popped into my mind as Tingle Fingers drifted out across the room. Olga Solar, whether consciously or otherwise, seems to work to a similar standard and the result is songs that are spacious, economically effective and built along sleek and minimalist lines. 

This latest release sits on an odd, almost toy drum drive, builds volume through gently chiming piano and has more than a hint of Kate Bush about it. There is the same refusal to be merely a pop record or an indie tune but instead it aims for a higher purpose, a musical statement perhaps or a piece of performance art and the video certainly underlines its Bush-esque multimedia approach and inherent strange allure.

Tingle Fingers comes at you like an art attack, an all-emcompasing pincer movement of music, film, interpretive dance and thought provoking art and how often do you get something that intriguing in this day and age? Not very often.

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