Mention the term classic rock, and many minds will immediately conjure all sorts of cliched ideas and images of the past. But like any genre, classic rock has moved with the times. It has had to; it is how all music survives. And if you want to know what classic rock sounds like now, you need to look at bands such as Dream Pusher. And Time of Day is the perfect example of their musical output.

They are a band that shows that it is possible to walk a fine line between past traditions and future potential. Rather than rest on the laurels of past glories, they take those time honoured modes – muscular yet melodic riffs, driving backbeats, soaring vocals – and drag them into the current era by blending them with just enough alternative edge, symphonic grandeur and even some almost progressive approaches to layering and sonic textures to rebuild the genre in its own, albeit brilliantly updated, image.

The results are fantastic. A sound that is immediately familiar yet totally fresh. That’s how you do it.

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