The subtitle of “Southern Rock Song for Tattoo Lovers” that accompanies this tells you everything that you need to know about the song. It conjures swaggering, Southern rock attitude, low-slung, blues infused grooves, outlaw biker vibes and of course a love of the art of the ink. And that is exactly what you get. Unlike many songs it isn’t trying to break new ground, fuse genres into strange new shapes or follow any cutting edge fad or fashion. It’s not playing those sort of games.

Instead it looks you straight in the eye, doesn’t hide its intentions and delivers some good ole southern musical charm. No airs, no graces, it knows what its all about and doesn’t make a fuss. Squalling blues guitar breaks, slow burning grooves and no nonsense lyrics all add to the effect and help get the job done.

The songs dynamic is buoyant and filled with the right blend of wonderfully loose and louche attitude and on the button precision, it takes a great band to feel so relaxed in their deliveries and yet still have everything hitting just perfectly. The more I try to dissect the song, the more I fall for its spacious construction. Forget the soothing and fine-tuned purr coming from under the hood, let’s just turn up the volume on this baby up and see how fast it will go….

Someone once told me that the difference between country music and Americana was that the former was all about shiny cowboy boots and the latter was more like a pair of  worn and dusty work boots. Well, this is music that has walked straight out of the fields and into the recording studio shedding a sprinkling of the earth of honest toil along the way.

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