Interesting things happen when worlds collide. Sometimes the results are catastrophic and earth-shattering, sometimes they are unexpectedly compatible and beautiful. Forest Robots has always fallen into the latter category and this new album of electronic music used to describe the majesty of the natural world is no exception. Continuing where Super Moon Moonlight left off Timberline and Mountain Crest continues its mission to describe the world beyond the man-made in sweeping synth instrumentals, electro-classical grandeur and technological soundscapes.

The first single, Through The Trees and Into Wide Open Landscapes, tells you everything that you need to know from its title, its sublime ambience and its accompanying video. It is an unusual combination, such poeticism and appreciation of the natural world is normally the territory of acoustica and folk musicians or more dramatic classical composters but there is something wonderfully sublime in the groove-filled yet gentle sounds found here.

It reminds us that the world beyond our cities is as busy and connected as our own lives, from the smallest industrious hives of creatures to the weather systems that move through the world from the patient growth of plants and trees or the imperceptible movements of ice, water and stone. And somehow amongst the electronic cascades and the expansive sweeps, the ticking beats and the distant echoes, all of that is represented here. Even the name Forest Robots suggests the man-made world meeting the natural one. Brilliant, quite brilliant.

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