Pop music, and to me almost everything is pop music of a sort, doesn’t have to skimp on the weight and impact, in fact it is better when it doesn’t. Some of my favourite bands have operated at that collision point where the melodicism of pop meets the swagger of rock ’n’ roll and Ivey makes music which easily surfs along the same generic breakers. It is also worth noting that the album that this track calls home, Take This To Heart, was recorded at Dark Heart Studios. Some might revel in the fact that it is the space used by the likes of Taylor Swift, Brand New, and Mastodon but I am just glad to see that at least one member of my ancestral family tree crossed to the New World and was (in)famous enough to have a town named after them.

Blending pop-punk hookiness, rock drive and pure pop accessibility, Through The Keyhole is a wonderful slice of infectious and groovesome music, a track that both tips its baseball cap to any number of 90’s originators and looks for a way to keep the party relevant, sought after and heading into a bright future. If Through The Keyhole is anything to go by, I think they may have only gone and done it.

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