Many people, artists, and listeners alike have forgotten that hip-hop, and the rap scene it birthed, was always based on dexterous word pay and lyrical deftness. I say a lot because clearly, Emsee doesn’t fall into that category if the latest single, Thrills is anything to go by.

It is undoubtedly a far cry from all those mumbling, bedroom-wannabee rappers who seem content to sound off one self-aggrandizing cliche after another as Emsee reminds us of the finessed and refined end of the modern, urban music scene.

Thrills might be a slow-burning and brooding soundscape, all trap percussion, depth-charge bass pulses, and beguiling weaves of electronica. Still, the lyrical top lines are powerful and poignant, and poetic statements. And it is these blends of world-weary wisdom, and backstreet narratives that draw a direct and unwavering line back to the early pioneers, the movers, and shakers who created the genre in the first place and left a legacy for literary prowess and eloquent lyricism.

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