Mr Craig has worn many hats in the media and entertainment business over the years, from video to voice-over work, acting, mastering, and producing, as well as in the A&R sector. But “This Time It’s Personal” marks his return to his first love, music.

It is an album that blends many urban musical threads, taking in dexterous rap deliveries, hip-hop and trap beats, sweet R&B sentiments and no small amount of pop accessibility. It is a perfect blend of street-wise grit and mainstream groove, cultish excellent and commercial connectivity.

I’m Back is the album’s centrepiece, a personal statement from an artist returning to the fray with scores to be settled yet nothing to prove. Confrontational, challenging and cool as hell. But for every incendiary salvo, there is a song such as Broken, rap-ballad, and R&B chill-out built from attitude and approachability.

And that is what lies a the heart of the album. It swaggers, is loaded with attitude and can be in-your-face, but it has plenty to say, has a lot of more reflective moments and, across its 18 songs, covers every mood and emotion on the spectrum. How cool is that?

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