Blue Soul Ten is truly an artist of the modern age. Sure, it is easy to see where his influences lie and This Is Worth It is peppered with familiar sounds and styles from jazz to soul to funk to pop to urban styles. But as always it isn’t where you draw inspiration from it is what you are inspired to make and Blue Soul Ten is an expert at taking established genres and fusing them together into a style that is truly his own.

Up To You, featuring the gorgeous tones of Shamain, is a sweet soul ballad, one woven from delicate piano and pulsing, wandering basslines as well as electronic atmospherics and brasslike digitalia. The title track is an R&B groover par excellence, all infectious rhythms and funky beats.

Many artists think that they have to invent new genres through strange fusions and sonic machinations. The smart artist realises that most of the heavy lifting has already been done by numerous icons from the past and all they now have to do is take the sounds already in the public conciousness and gentle polish, energise and reinvigorate them for the modern audience. Blue Soul Ten is about as smart as they come on that score.

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