Trans-Atlantic alternative neo-folk collective Lusitanian Ghosts present their third long-player ‘Lusitanian Ghosts III’, released via the European Phonographic label. Recorded and mixed at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg by Sebastian Muxfeldt (Elbow, Peter Doherty, Teenage Fanclub), this album is being released in both stereo and mono versions.

A Portuguese-Canadian-Swedish chordophone collective founded by Neil Leyton and Micke Ghost (a.k.a. Mikael Lundin), Lusitanian Ghosts revives lost instruments and presents ancient sounds in the 21st Century. Re-casting these heritage folk violas into rock n roll songs, the European artist collective writes from a socio-political perspective on building a better world, creating songs for the heart and mind, recording on analogue tape and releasing moving music on vinyl.

Together with João Sousa, Abel Beja (from Primitive Reason), ToZé Bexiga (from Raia) and Jan-Eric Olsson, Lusitanian Ghosts plays traditional Portuguese chordophone instruments, ancient regional guitars (Amarantina, Beiroa, Campaniça, Braguesa, Toeira, Terceirense). These instruments, once on the verge of extinction, are the real “Lusitanian Ghosts” (Lusitania being an ancient Celtic tribe in what would become the central territory of Portugal).

“For ‘Lusitanian Ghosts III’, we wanted to write and record all together, live off the floor, on analogue tape like we used to back in the 20th century. Lyrically, we explored deeper emotional territory than ever before, and sonically we ended up mixing each song twice – in mono and stereo – leading to two different LPs,” says Neil Leyton.

“We mixed down from 24-track multitrack analogue to 1/4 inch analogue also, then reeled the machine straight to the mastering suite next door at Clouds Hill, Soundgarden Tonstudio in Hamburg. I know it is a common thing to say, but I’m going to say it is the best record I’ve ever made.”

Earlier, the band previewed ‘The Long Train’, ‘Shameless’, ‘Got Enough’ and the latest single ‘September’, bringing to the fore the Portuguese folk chordophone violas Amarantina, Campaniça and Terceirense, skilfully played by Michael Lundin, ToZé Bexiga and Abel Beja respectively. Lusitanian Ghosts make music with absolutely no guitars – just chordophones, bass and drums. Although a brand new rock n roll alt-folk sub-genre, these songs feel warmly familiar.

As of September 15, the ‘Lusitanian Ghosts III’ album can be obtained everywhere digitally, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. It will also be released on vinyl, with both mono version and stereo version available.

On October 14, the Ghosts will present the new album live at Lisbon’s Teatro Taborda. Folks purchasing this album from FNAC Portugal will also get a complimentary guest-list ticket for this album release show.

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