It often seems odd that, by and large, as the world seems to be heading down some darker political paths, dividing up into ever more entrenched and intolerant camps, and generally becoming less humane towards each other, there seems also to be less and less people using art, and particularly music, to comment on it. Perhaps as music has moved into more middle class realms, the end product has come to reflect those more comfortable social environs. Perhaps when there is a nationwide shortage of Hummus the East Cheam indie scene will finally spring into action.

But some people still remember that art is a mirror to the world and music has always been a powerful tool and a perfect platform to discuss such things. Cabinet of Millionaires, as their chosen moniker makes clear, is just such a band and Theresa is perfectly timed just as the fiasco of Brexit reaches its most ridiculously Heath Robinson style end-game.

But whilst past punks would rant and current mods, Sleaford ones anyway, rage, Theresa is a soulful and infectious musical vehicle, all slick synth and bountiful beats. Maybe the art of the political song isn’t to get you to smash down barriers, maybe it’s better to just encourage your followers to dance around them altogether like some subversive, clubland Pied Piper.

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