There She Is – Be Like Pablo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)


12132490_10152982978526580_4634684785737781803_oFrom this video it is pretty obvious that they have played the off Weezer album from time to time but that’s alright as the LA four piece were themselves a conduit for earlier influences – pop punk, indie, power pop and a defining slice of 60’s whimsy. Infectious is normally a good word for describing such music but here it almost doesn’t seem sufficient to describe the sun-kissed, sugar rush that assaults your ears.

Moog synthesizers, noisy guitars and a healthy dose of nerdy enthusiasm all fall into one end of the mix and out of the other comes a song of such contagion you will need to update your shots after listening. If this is the sound of young Scotland then I’m seriously thinking of packing my bags and heading north.

picture courtesy of Carrie Davenport Photography!


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