The Year Is 2020 – NaCL (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There has, for obvious reasons, been a wave of artists making music reflecting the times of late. After all it is in times of adversity when the most interesting music is made. Rock ‘n’ Roll, Punk, Hip-Hop, Rave…all music born out of heady combinations of frustration, disenfranchisement, rebellion, a desire for cultural or political change and even boredom. But for every cool, reactionary punk anthem or subversive hip-hop explosion which surfaces, there seems to be many more whining country songs or ill-conceived pop pap whose heart is in the right place but whose grooves clearly aren’t.

NaCL, however, isn’t caught up in such unimportant detail, believing that if this is indeed the end, or the beginning of the end or perhaps the end of the beginning, that it isn’t to politicians or policy that we should look for redemption but to music itself. And if it isn’t the key to our survival, it is going to provide the sound track to the last and greatest party on earth.

The Year Is 2020 is a cool slice of hypnotic beats and infectious repetitions which act as a platform for smooth lead guitars and tumbling synths, rising tsunamis of electronica, euphoric grooves and just enough bookending spoken word to frame the music perfectly.

Music of this ilk is anything you want it to be. Without the direct lyrical connection to steer you, it is up to you the listener to find the true meaning, and as such it is a mirror for your own thoughts and any interpretation that it inspires in you. An act of escapism, hedonism, warning, reflection, sonic subversion? Or the last dystopian dance party before the clock strikes 13? Maybe it is all those things. Maybe it is just a cool piece of music. You decide!

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