dommoore_2014_karst_grubbymitts_2048px-1117As a music writer I’m always up for a challenge, years of trying to find new ways  to describe the latest indie kids with skinny jeans and complicated hair or a revolutionary new punk band who are going to change the world by shouting first world annoyances over those same three chords certainly takes its toll. That’s why writing about bands like The Grubby Mitts is a breath of fresh air. The Worm of Eternal Return, the first release from their forthcoming and eight years in the making debut album, is a strange affair to say the least.

Listen to The Worm of Eternal Return HERE

Musically you could be forgiven for thinking that you have accidently opened two music files at the same time and those off kilter background sounds are an over spill from a different song altogether. Lyrically, phrases, which seem to have been penned by Noel Fielding, such as “The dodo of longing” and “the polecat of clarity” hide a wonderfully poignant message and a charming pay off.


Will it appeal to the ears of mass consumption? (Blimey, they have got me doing it now.) The short answer is, no! The long answer is, no…thank god! If ever there was a band designed to be a cult act, a wonderful secret to be spoken about in hushed tones in dark corners and shared with a discerning few, then this band is it.


The title of the debut album to follow really does make a very valid point, What The World Needs Now is The Grubby Mitts, but it is a very small avant-garde world inhabited by a wonderfully strange and surreal people, a world I definitely want to be part of.

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