Whenever You’re Ready is an eclectic album, to say the least, a set of songs that wander from dark and chilled dance to folk-infused acoustic interludes and from cutting-edge, alt-pop mysteries to high-octane, no nonsense rock. And it is in this latter category that you find The Way We Love.

The song is a salvo of euphoric energy, chiming sonics and robust riffs from the start. Sitting in a sweet spot that lays somewhere between technical, math-rock ornateness, hard, metallic urges and pop-punk accessibility, it is, for me at least, the album’s centrepiece.

The album might explore many moods and modes, sounds and styles, but The Way We Love is one of those songs that makes you say to yourself…”Yes, that’s the single.”

It is immediate and full-on; it knows where it wants to go musically and doesn’t compromise in regards to getting there. It’s a bundle of killer riffs and cool musical attitudes. Perfect.


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