The Truth – I Like Trains (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It must be a good sign when after years of moaning that music doesn’t have much to say any more, increasingly the songs I find under the pen seem to be increasingly aware, increasingly politically switched on and increasingly using a platform to say something important. The Truth, a single helping to pave the way to Leeds trailblazers I Like Trains first album in eight years, is certainly all of those things.

Since their formation in 2004, the band’s albums have wandered across a wide musical landscape, each different from the last, and KOMPROMAT  promised to be different again, sharing DNA with all of them but in many ways finding its way forward by returning to some of their early inspirations and within this single’s hypnotic waves and rooted bass grooves you can hear the likes of Gang of Four, Television, Shriekback, Sleaford Mods and The Birthday Party. Great company indeed.

The Truth explores populism in general and all that goes with it, from Brexit, Trump, and general disinformation to media bias, Cambridge Analytica and everything in-between and does so via a tirade of soundbites and slogans which pitch Orwell’s Ministry of Information against modern political marketing. In a blur of disco-infused post-punk merging with sound system dub vibes and motornik rhythms it feels like the perfect, nuance free way to sum up contemporary, nuance free politics.

The revolution may not be televised but at least it is available on You Tube!

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