1391844_10151981052828794_788600939_nAlthough Mexico Indigo list the usual gutter punk and indie influences by way of explaining the self styled Trashy Melodica sound that is their musical stock in trade, if you want to cut to the chase then there is one all encompassing word that tells you all you need to know. Mescaleros!  And that is not taking anything away from the originality of the song, in fact anyone who can sound like a lost recording from the late great Joe Strummers swan song outfit yet not resort to cliche and pastiche has got to be applauded.

The Trumpet, being the first single from new album Single Blind Design, takes a straight four four rockabilly back beat, and instead of burying it under a mountain of power chords and rock riffs, just embellishes it with well chosen guitar lines and just enough trashy gang vocal to keep a punk legacy afloat. This may be stripped back garage rock but the garage just happens to be in downtown Havana.

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