Gold Medal Position: The Primitives E.P. – Art Nickels

1441514_1019462014746241_7446409939196448411_nAs they skitter across psychedelic, ambient and krautrock genres they weave a sound tapestry of fuzzy discordance, washy electronica and hazy vibes that seem to be tumble in and out of each other rather that be set to a pre-ordained pattern.

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Silver Medal Position: Start at The Finish – The Sums

10806237_10154758298730526_1475424889455222043_nThe Sums stay very much on the expectant guitar driven path but it is a path that meanders wonderfully, taking in psychedelic vibes, indie-folk approaches, a skewed Brit-pop slant and an accessible underground pop vibe. For all their connections with Gallagher senior, this is no Brit-pop pastiche, in fact as it snakes through strange new musical landscapes it is difficult to say exactly where it fits in.

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Bronze Medal Position: Everything Changed – L.A. Davis

cover170x170At a time when popular music seems to be created in a calculated and mathematical way by teams of writers and producers working to tried and tested formulas, the songs on this album spark with a vibrancy that such musical engineering seems to lack. Just listen to the old school disco funk drives of 365, the sultry late night grooves of Behind Closed Doors or the sheer infectiousness of 10 Rounds With Tyson and try not to dance, go on I dare you.

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