The Songteller – Dave Munsick (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Dave Munsick makes music which just oozes with a lost sound. It is music from a long conquered frontier, the soundtrack to epic journeys, the sound of a country before it grew up and the magic and the romance were buried under concrete and steel. Not just country music but music of the country, when the country was made up of small mining towns, dusty trails, open ranges and big skies. Those times may have gone but you can find them in Dave’s infectious music.

Musically the album has it all covered, from the hoe down tones of Tequila to the reflective and wistful Last Day on the Trail, the romantic Lying in Your Loving Arms Again to the inspirational I Can Fly. It is music with a sense of place and time even if that place has changed and that time has passed into distant memory. It is gentle music, acoustic driven sonnets to the past coined in emotive strings, accessible, ease to love and deftly fashioned. Not all music has to change the world, some just needs to remind you of the world before it even thought of changing. The Songteller is just such music.

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