The Smell of Love – LaMuriel Ojo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is a perfect way of remembering the past, in fact all of our sense can trigger memories, the sound of a song, the glimpse of an treasured image, the taste of a favourite food and LaMuriel Ojo reminds us that smell is also the perfect way of reliving past times. And so with a country-soul musical vibe to her latest song, she explores the concept of certain smells triggering a remembrance for those no longer in our lives.

The song drives on understated sonics, a gentle beat, a tinkling piano and some distant guitar work, all of which do little more than surround the vocals in the perfect sonic frame. And even as things build, as the song heads towards its destination the same grace and elegance is maintained, no unnecessary overplaying of the musical cards, no unnecessary complications just a typically understated, slow burning build proving that when you know how to employ the right acoustic ingredients you can make a little go a long way.

Elegant, intimate, restrained and full of poise. What else do you need?

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