Built around a bundle of brooding beats and building tensions, The Shadow blends modern metal moves with Doorsian 60’s grooves, tribal energies with primal sonic screams. And as the musical journey continues, it occasionally explodes to release some of that tension, letting off steam in frantic bursts before returning to the job of building anticipation and atmosphere.

And, although they play with metal tropes, musically Drifters in Vellichor are defter and more tasteful than the music found in that sector, allowing light into their urgent riffs, letting the spaces between the beat give everything room to percolate and evolve.

Some rock bands create their impact through obvious sucker-punches, by just turning up the volume or overplaying to the point of showboating. But less is more, we all know that. And knowing this Drifters in Vellichor instead use tone and texture, pace and poise to draw their audience in o their dark, musical ritual.

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