As Blue on Blue, the opening track on the latest album from David Lockwood, kicks off, it puts me in mind, in very general ways, of two fine artists. The first is Antonio Lulic, who if you are not aware of him, sounds like a subdued and balladeering Bruce Springsteen. The second is…well, Bruce Springsteen… in subdued and balladeering mode. And although there are some great songs here that fall into this style, such as the awesomely spacious Away From Here, it is by all means not the whole story.

Koko Sioux is a cool and crawling blues-soul number, Find My Way is a tender torch song, Twenty Seven Ways To Fall In Love is full of grace as well as groove and Billy’s Little World sounds like vintage Dire Straits. I know a lot of people turn their noses up at that last reference but go back and listen to them with the benefit of hindsight and without the music media whispering in your ear and you’ll see what I mean. Musically, they were a great band, especially in the early days and this is a great track.

And indeed, The Rest Is History is a great album.

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