12042774_1672119546337626_8900867529960594030_n-1Having recently reviewed Brick Lane Records label boss Kirt Debique’s own release, Things Left Unsaid on the strength of these two records there is certainly a house style in evidence. Here Benjamin Verdoes deals in the same beat driven, from the heart, late night vibe, the subject matter riding the same balance point between personal experience and universal themes, the inward look at his own emotions and thoughts and the asking of questions that are common to everyone’s lives.

Musically subtle, wonderfully slick and imaginatively structured and produced, this is not just another meandering electro tinkering. Here there is real beauty, a delicate series of textures built from chiming, exotic sounds, solid core beats and hushed ethereal, sonic wonderment. Songs such as “Is This All We Are?” seem to mix some sort of lyrical existentialism, a brilliant use of space to create anticipation and expectation and some slightly Vangelis like touches, all of which makes the song sound like an update on the Blade Runner soundtrack.

Although unaware of his previous work, this is certainly the perfect place to encounter him for the first time as he manages to match sheer beauty with real depth, not the easiest of tricks to pull off.

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