They say that there is nothing new under the sun. They say that all the ways of mixing and matching music, the genres that are worth playing with at least, have already been done. They say that there is nowhere new to take music. They are wrong. They obviously haven’t heard The New Civilization, the latest release from Till Sunday Pirate.

Perhaps new musical genres can only be created by taking the sounds and styles of the past and putting them together in new and clever ways. If that is the case, the art is obviously to choose the right sonic building blocks in the first place and then seamlessly blend them into new musical forms.

And that is exactly what is happening here. A New Civilization is a mercurial mix of frantic dance grooves, spoken word/rapped carnival-barker style vocal deliveries, mad electronica and circus music! Now that is a mix you haven’t heard before, I can guarantee. And the resulting track is both mad and glorious, adventurous and inventive, and undeniably original. A strange blend of carnival dance music and unhinged pop and sounding like the product of the house band of a lunatic asylum run by Barnham and Bailey, A New Civilization is a joy to behold and like nothing you have heard before.

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