10172666_10150447101449990_4487861192077985122_nOnce you get past a certain age, the cyclical nature of music means that bands begin to reference the sounds and styles that you revelled in as a younger man. For a while now I have noticed a bit of post-punk posturing here and some shoegazing there, as younger bands plunder their parents record collections…which also turns out to be my record collection too.


And if that is true The Lucid Dreams eponymous, sophomore album is a scattergun salvo of the best bits of my old vinyl collection, nostalgic hat tips to a wide range of genres all wrapped up in a forward thinking noise pop shell. Squalling, reverb-soaked guitars dance over a dark, doom-pop canvas, expansive space-rock majesty dovetails into trippy psychedelia but all the time this musical experimentation never detracts from the solid song structure and melody. This is no cosmic wig-out or acid fuelled hippy dream time, far from it, this is a band that are able to bare their musical teeth, create edgy, brooding and slightly uncomfortable music but still make it desirable. Or to but it into everyday terms, this is the album that your mother warned you about.


The band have chosen a very apt name as their music often seems to be channelling a limbo state, an otherworldly realm through heavy sonorous washes, cascading walls of sound and distorted musical landscapes. It is sometimes gothic but without the comic book clichés, post-punk in its redefinitions of what is possible, it puts shoegaze sensibilities through a garage rock shredder and what emerges is a brilliant splicing of past and future. Those, like me, who were there after punk had opened the doors to a decade of new genres being defined will reveal in the familiarity of the sounds being juggled here. Younger music fans will appreciate a band making music which strides confidently into a glorious future, but everyone will recognise that this is a very important album both for the music it contains and the course it charts for others to follow.

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