The reasons why the listener is drawn to a song are many and varied, and I’m not proud of the fact that I took a deeper look at this particular track because of the above titles. It’s an intriguing song title and a brilliant artistic nom de plume. And, in my defence, anyone who thinks along those lines will probably also be lyrically astute and musically interesting. And, as if to justify my seemingly shallow point of departure, Man With a Corduroy Heart proves to be all that. And more.

“The Joy of Giving Up” is brilliant. I love the sentiment found here, the realisation that life has so many moving parts, almost all of which are beyond your control, you might as well give up, not in a depressing and final sense but in that way where you just become happy to accept your fate and let life happen to you. As John Lennon famously said life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans so why not just let it do its thing, it’s going to anyway. Ryan Davis, the man behind the moniker, is a man after my heart. Wale textured fabric or otherwise!

But more than clever lyrics, this song is based on spaciousness and serenity, it’s pastoral folk-pop with a slight echo of 60’s attitude, half (under the) counter-culture, half late Beatles adventurousness.

I love everything about this song, and all I want to do now is track down Ryan Davis and sit in a pub chatting with him; I think we would get on brilliantly.


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