This record hits the ground running with a cool jazz groove and punctuations that abound suggesting a fusion of sounds and styles that might follow in its wake.

As the first track moves forward we are treated to smooth stylistic jazz phrases and a driving Vulfpeck style bass hammer.

But its not just jazz.

This record explores a wide field view of styles and in places it is heavy on the electronics. This brings with it a real sense of performance and theatre to the record. Not so much soundscapes but more like new and delicious accents that punch through gorgeous rhythmic grooves that are funky and jazzy in equal measure.

When the vocals move in and out of this aural landscape, the song elements of each track are raised up front and centre and there is a sweetness that envelops and endures.

The recording is litterred with cool collaborations including vocals, keys, trumpet, sax, bass, drums, synths and clarinet. And everything is in its place.

Nine great track all offering something different and no filler. I’ll be coming back for seconds for sure.

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