The Gram – Hotline (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m not sure if Hip-Pop is actually a recognised music genre, if it is then Hotline is certainly what it sounds like. If it isn’t already a genre then this is a band who can lay claim to just such a perfect label for their music. The Gram is a sassy mix of urban beats and dance floor grooves, downtown cool and uptown class. It is pop with a more discerning vibe, hip-hop with mainstream accessibility, a song which is easy on the ear and totally accessible whilst standing apart from the chart wannabes who have nothing to say.

Because here Hotline have plenty to say. It’s a side swipe at how social media, and particularly Instagram… “The Gram” of the title, is causing people to trade morality for attention, a place where popularity is all that matters.

And the neat thing here is that whilst The Gram has plenty to say, it cloaks itself in the Day-Glo colours of exactly the sort of perky pop which will appeal to those who worship at the idol of social media. And so like a sonic Trojan horse it is able to steal its way right to the heart of the very place it is criticising. How clever is that?

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