The Glow Up – AŽ (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If any more proof were needed that the modern music maker has out grown genres, The Glow Up is a lesson in mixing familiar styles together to make wholly new creations. It runs on a laid back urban beat, one woven from slow trippy back beats and a triplet-trap percussive energy. But it then steps slightly away from this hip-hop groove by using that musical flow to deliver pop infused, R&B vibes rather than the more expected rapped salvos.

And it is this ability to turn so many genres in on themselves, to take the very best aspects of each and mould them into her own unique sound which makes AŽ so interesting. The music seems to exist on the peripheries of so many styles, which is a clever place to position yourself, appealing to the hardcore fans of each through the music’s familiarity but also appealing to the underground movers and shakers, those looking to be first to any new scene, not least because of the beguiling and original sound that she offers.

Hip-hop fans will dig the beats, pop fans the accessibility, R&B aficionados will love its effortlessly sultry ways and everyone else will just keep playing it until they work out just where it fits into the big picture. The great thing is that it doesn’t, so they never will…sorry, that’s just how originality works.

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