There are many reasons to love the practically titled Foshays First EP. The first reason comes even before you have dropped the needle on this 7” vinyl slice….ahh, vinyl records, remember those? Nostalgia is number one on the list and I’m not even talking about past sonic musings, though there are plenty of those to be found on this four track waxing. If you have grown up in the post-vinyl world, in that era that saw the tacky CD rightfully wiped away and replaced by something that doesn’t even physically exist…Blammo! Take that Compact Disc…then The First EP shows you just what you missed. That’s the nostalgia I’m talking about.

Not only a physical offering but accompanied by a wonderful 8-page booklet with doubles as a lyric sheet and a cartoon story book detailing the exploits of the pen and ink version on the band. A bunch of stickers to adorn your bedroom wall, or in my case my badge festooned “man bag,” a funky slip-case and within, drum roll please…… the record itself, fashioned from vinyl so thick that it would make a great place mat. Another blow to the inferior CD which would barely serve as a coaster. Thwock!

But obviously we are here for the music and that is where things get really fun. Get Me To Normal is a lovely slice of bubblegum rock, Day-Glo pop, psychedelia, doo-wop and just a hint of new wave haziness. That’s a lot to fit into one song but I defy you to listen to its chirpy goodness and tell me I’m wrong. Wuts Wrong With You feels like a less punky Redd Kross, but then I probably use that reference too much. Jellyfish? Again, probably been there done that too many times, but if the multi-coloured Donny cap fits….wear it.

The second half of the e.p. is more familiar territory. ’Til it’s Gone merges groovy hippy rock with new wave, a deft blend of the 60’s and the 80’s which somehow manages to avoid the worst excesses of the decade in between. Punk was over-rated anyway. Controversial or what? Pow! Things end with All The Leaves, a real Summer of Love-in, a gentle wig out, a smooth and sensual sonic smooch and the perfect way to put the e.p. to bed. An unmade bed with a naked Beatle and his missus in it perhaps. Perhaps not.

I’m not sure if The Foshays are a band or a cartoon strip. They could be an acid flash back…or perhaps some idealised dream of a past that never happened. Like they say if you remember the 60’s you weren’t there…man! So maybe this is all a half remembered dream. Whatever they are, there is no denying that they are ace. And they come with their own sound track. And that’s ace too. Zoiks! Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one!

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