The Fever – Thrillsville (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ahead of a new e.p. Say Goodbye to the Light, Thrillsville delivers a cool slice of dirge-disco, one part industrial edge, one part gloom-beat…is that a thing… let’s assume it is…one part sultry and twisted electronica. It’s a dark and sullen affair, one which is strangely addictive too but then it is that element of danger and desire which is always appealing and here Rani Sharone, the project’s captain and driving force, takes those aspects to their logical conclusion… and perhaps a bit beyond too.

Sharone is no stranger to such sonic underworlds, fronting dark cabaret, art-rockers Stolen Babies as well as sharing stages, collaborating and performing with everyone from Puscifer and Marilyn Manson to PIG and Stabbing Westward. And it is a world that he understands perfectly, if this single is anything to go by, one perfect blending dark waves of tribal beats, throbbing and bubbling synths and raw-edged sonic shards to form a platform for his understated vocals to dance upon.

The Fever is the sound of the likes of Depeche Mode or The Sisters of Mercy handing their heyday baton on and whilst it is where it comes from musically which will be the reason many people initially check Thrillsville out, it is where it is heading which will keep those music fans more than happy to settle in for the ride.

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