The Far Side –  M1nk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

093673Music is a battle between the technical and the emotional. One makes it happen, the other is why it happens, one its physicality, the other its personality. The Far Side is the perfect example of this. Think about it too deeply and you get into the realms of sonic academia, you can talk about its myriad textures, its musicality which seems to happen in the distance a long way from the vocals, its haziness and the drifting ambient structures that lie at its core. But music is not about facts and absolutes, at least it shouldn’t be and the personality of the song, the bit you fall for, is simpler than that.

The Far Side is strange, dark, hushed and beguiling, it is odd and atmospheric, it is distant and transient, otherworldly and brilliantly non-conformist. Its strange musical shapes and emptiness are held loosely together by simple beats but it largely comes on like a swirling mass of sounds come together by happy accident, a musical mishap that seems so unplanned if you went back and played the song again, which you will immediately do, a different musical maelstrom would present itself.

Odd is, odd is great. Raise a glass to odd!

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