From the first few beats of the opening track, Aliens, it’s fair to say that I am well and truly hooked. In-Flight Movie’s ability to take the pace and purpose of the krautrock motorik sound and turn it into a pulsing, modern sonic descendant, so different, yet so similar, is fantastic, and Aliens uses this to kick things off perfectly.

But In-flight Movie is anything but a one-trick pony, and as we wander through the five songs that make up this latest release, we are faced with all manner of moves and moods. Electro-rock is a good enough term, to sum up what they do in the broadest sense, but they still find plenty of new ground within that.

References come and go, everything from Neu! to New Order, but their ability to take the essence of what those bands did and bring it up to date, to smooth things off, add poise and polish, gives them their own sound.

Worldly Departures rises up from slow, epic pathos to build power and poignancy, ebbing and flowing between anthemics and interludes, digital delicacy and rock drive, and Easy is an alt-dance floor filler if ever there was one. Pure Indifference switches between scintillating synths and bursts of energy and exuberance, and Promises is bombastic and bruising, the perfect blend of rage and groove.

It’s a cracking collection of songs, and easy to see why they are drawing plaudits from punters and critics alike, not to mention playing packed-out shows. Buy The EP now, if only so that when they break big on the musical landscape (note: when, not if), you can be one of those annoying people who says, “Ahh, yes, but I was into them way back when…”

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