The Drugs Didn’t Last Forever – Rob Ashley (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

ohbpideiikkjiffm.jpgIt maybe a cliche that the best things are worth waiting for, but in the case of Rob Ashley the 25 or so years he paid his dues gigging around the North-East of America before striking out to write his own album Premiere. Farewell. The Drugs Didn’t Last for Every is the opening salvo and lead single from that album, a considered, spacious and understated number of the sort that Leonard Cohen would have been proud to have written in the 70’s, though Ashley’s voice is one that is more universally accessible than the Canadian’s dulcet and melancholic tones.

A great slow burner rising out of balladic singer-songwriter territory to be embellished and emboldened with some exquisite, shimmering guitar trappings and gentle additional textures as it moves towards its sonic destination. The album as a whole contains a range of styles and temperaments from the restrained and ambient of this track to more muscular rock workouts but as an opening gambit, this lovely work of eloquence and elegance is the perfect place to start.

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