The Corner of Broadway and Main Street Vol. 2 – Voctave (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sometimes, music is made out of a mass of intricate musical strands, is spun from various instrumental threads, heavy with sonic weight and reliant of technology and effects. At other times, in perhaps purer moments, it can be just the sound of the voice. Or, in the case of this album, many voices. Voctave, as their name may suggest, is an a cappella group, a blend of musical theatre, contemporary gospel, barbershop, pop and choral music, and they are able to turn their collective vocal talent to music comparable to a full orchestral sound. 

The Corner of Broadway and Main Street Vol. 2 explores the world of musical theatre and popular TV themes. Disney Parks Medley, which kicks things off, sums things up perfectly; interwoven threads from a host of Disney films, sing-along lyrics nesting on banks of emotive vocal washes.

Using this lush form they explore well-known TV themes, they Climb Every Mountain, wander the Egyptian sands, ride Trolley buses and leave no sonic corner of popular children’s culture and wholesome family viewing unexplored.

Voctave makes for a fantastic break from the earnest indie bands and throw-away popsters vying for your hard-earned cash and offer something which is both lush and delicate, wide-screen, cinematic and the perfect soundtrack for a family Christmas…perhaps even more so after the fractured and rough year that we have all just come through.

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